Syndrome: GamesCom 2016 Trailer Released

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At GamesCom 2016, Development studio Camel 101, released an official trailer for, Syndrome, their forthcoming virtual reality title. The first person, horror, shooter is making its way to players in September the same year.

In this Sci-fi, horror, players find themselves on a drifting ship, having just come out of a long cryosleep. Awaking to a familiar environment, subjected to a lot of change, the player must discover the mysteries that unfolded during their sleep. Exploring the dim corridors of the forgotten craft, reveals that many of their crewmates are now dead, and the ones that aren’t, are not the same.

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According to the developers, Syndrome takes an old school approach to the horror genre. With a focus on inventory management and limited ammunition – which is always nice to see, providing the developers find the right balance.

The gameplay footage displayed in the demo has a System Shock feel to it and shows scenes of gun battles against a variety of mobs. Interestingly, navigation appears to be conducted using the analog sticks of a gaming controller, and, as a result, will likely come with an extreme nausea rating.

View the official trailer for Syndrome below, or find out more about the game over at the website.




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