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Top 3 Mobile VR apps for iOS

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As many people believe, Mobile VR will probably be one of the growing markets that bridges the mainstream gap for the VR industry. So we thought we would put together some of our favourite Mobile VR apps for iOS. 

InsurgentVR is a 3D/360° narrative experience presented to us by Samsung Galaxy, and is set in the world of The Divergent Series: Insurgent. In this passive experience you play the role of a character that is being put through a series of tests. The short virtual reality adventure takes you on a journey that reaches breath taking heights, as you are ‘virtually’ teleported to some questionable  yet remarkable, locations. The overall immersion of the experience adds up to a pretty good example of the kind of things we could be expecting to see, in the future of Virtual Realiy film. The acting in this experience serves well to immerse you in what you see before your eyes, and after going through it a few times, we were certainly left wanting more. This is one we would definitely recommend checking out, if your new to Mobile VR, or just trying to discover some cool new experiences. 

Insidious3d Trailer

Although this is a trailer for a movie, it actually serves well as its own unique little experience.  Its something, similar to InsurgentVR, in the sense that, it demonstrates the type of thing we might start to see more of, as the amount of large production houses start to make a shift towards virtual reality. The 18+ movie trailer, takes place in the living room of what appears to be an old cottage, there is an old woman in the scene that engages you with dialogue as the narrative progresses. But be ready for a jump scares along the way, as it gets pretty creepy. 

Legendary VR

Legendary studios have partnered with google to bring a series of cinematic Virtual Reality experiences to the mobile VR platform. The app was released at this years Comic-Con, and was featured at the Legendary booth. The series consists of 3 separate experiences that are based on the studios previous, and ongoing work. 

Warcraft: The Skies of Azeroth, mounts you on the back of a gryphon as it fly’s through the air, traveling across the horizon of the City of Stormwind. The second is Crimson Peak, and it puts you in a haunted mansion known as Allerdale Hall. The concept derives from an up and coming film by Guillermo Del Toro. The third experience is Pacific Rim: Jaegar Pilot Experience. This is an experience that gained popularity on the Oculus Rift platform last year, and had been moved over to Google Cardboard platform to allow Mobile VR users to also share the experience.  

This is just a few of our favourite Mobile VR apps for the iPhone and iOS. If you have any other favourites that we haven’t mentioned, or any or other apps you would like us to review then feel free to let us know. As always, thanks for watching, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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