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Top 5 Local-Multiplayer Games for PlaystationVR (PSVR)

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PlayroomVR, a free-to-play gem with the PlaystationVR, giving users an insight into what they should expect while in Virtual Reality on the Playstation platform. The Playroom is a perfect way to introduce both yourself and your friends into the world of Virtual Reality for the very first time. Many of the games are best played with a group of people, many are also best played by yourself. With the functionality of many games allowing you to have one person inside the headset while having everyone else using a controller, no one will be stuck sitting on the couch waiting to join the fun!

Many experiences such as Monster Escape are perfect examples of local multiplayer games for VR, this mini-game allows players of all ages to become familiar with the new technology, it’s an experience designed for family and friends, which will probably only ever be seen as a first-time experience or at parties. The same goes with many of the other local multiplayer experiences, such as “Cat N’ Mouse”, “Ghost House”, and more.

PlayroomVR is available exclusively to the PSVR on the Playstation Store for free.

Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR, a game available on the Rift, Vive, and PSVR, is an arcade styled game based on the mobile version of Fruit Ninja, a smartphone game where he users uuses their finger as a sword to swipe fruit. However, the VR version is a little different. With the PS Move controllers, you’re able to juggle, skewer and flick fruit with the blades you hold, the game allows you to either use one blade, or two, depending on if you have one or two move controllers. The game has four modes, one exclusive to VR.

Classic Mode: Essentially, Classic Mode is a single player mode which allows the player to aim for high scores. It’s pretty straight forward.

Zen Mode: A mode which allows you to relax, generally for those players that aim to just have a casual game and aren’t looking to be overwhelmed by fruit.

Survival Mode (Exclusive to VR): Allows you to face off against fruit-firing helicopters! Apart from that, it’s essentially classic mode.

And finally, Arcade Mode. This is a mode where you’re thrown heaps of fruit from the left, the right and from in front, it’s a time-based mode, to see how many points you can get within the timer. Purely designed for party styled gaming, it’s a perfect local multiplayer game as it allows you to have some friendly competition to see who the best blade-wielder is within the group. If you wanted, you could also easily spice things up by doing something like tying a person’s hands together with something such as a common cloth and forcing them to hold a single controller with both hands, making the game much more difficult.

Fruit Ninja VR is available on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and of course PlayStation VR, for the price of $14.99 USD on the Playstation Store.

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