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Top 5 Local-Multiplayer Games for PlaystationVR (PSVR)

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Tekken 7

Although it isn’t released, Tekken 7 is coming to the PSVR, except not in the way you’d expect. You will be able to play the game in VR, except you will still have to use a controller and it’s still in third-person. Tekken 7 will allow you to play in Virtual Reality against, not just computer players on Story/Quick modes, but also on versus mode against other local players.

We don’t know how far the developers will go with VR support, however, we know it will definitely be a VR-Supported title on the Playstation, making it possible to use for local multiplayer. Whether it be practical or not time will soon show, with the release date being on the 2nd of June. However, it’s a way that maybe able to handicap players in certain ways (such as not seeing the controller, definitely an issue for those that aren’t fully used to a controller, making mashing buttons even more difficult.)

As expected from an AAA title, Tekken 7 will be available on the Playstation Store for $59.99 USD. This being the full game, with PSVR support.

These were our five top local multiplayer games for the PSVR. Is there something we missed? Maybe something you may want to recommend? Let us know in the comments below. We’re are keeping an eye out for VR games across all VR platforms that support Multiplayer. Until then, stick with for more VR gaming news!




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