VR Pop-Up Event Demoing Variety Of VR Tech

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“Virtually Reality is launching our physical presence with a week-long pop-up store between April 4th and 10th inside Old Street Underground Station.”

A new VR start-up, dedicated to evangelising VR technology, will be launching a debut event in Shoreditch, London, starting from 4th April continuing until the 10th. The event, hosted by Virtually Reality, will showcase a vast array of VR technology that will be available for attendees to test out. The VR Pop event is an excellent opportunity for people to come and have a go on some of the wider tech associated with the current VR hardware revolution.

The kit demoed at the event is broken down into the following sections.


Virtually Reality will  have the “HTC VIVE on demo displaying rewinds Pain in the Glass. In addition to this we will have the Samsung gear displaying works from Felix and Paul (cirque du soleil, Lebron James VR + more)”



One of the haptic devices available to try at the event is the SubPac M2. A wearable device that uses subsonic frequencies to create a ‘feelable’ sensation.

The suit, resembling a backpack, was originally designed with the idea of allowing users to ‘feel’ the lower frequencies of sound. The device can also be reappropriated for use as haptic feedback for virtual reality and general gaming.




This category includes input devices built to give us a deeper, and more immersive anchor in VR worlds. One of the devices on show at the event is WizDish ROVR. WizDish is a treadmill input device that works in a similar way to the Virtuix,  Omni treadmill. Users stand on top of the treadmills platform and slide their feet over the surface in a walking motion. The data from this movement is then fed into the game and used to accelerate your character forward. Creating a sensation of walking a virtual world.


Other input devices include the VRGO chair. A ‘sit on’ device, that kind of resembles an adult size potty crossed with a Pokeball, that inputs data into the game based on the direction the user is leaning. Lean forward to travel forward, as a simple example. The VRGO chair is an interesting approach to tackling the locomotion problem in VR, so is definitely one we are keen to try out.


There is also a mixture of other technology to try, including HTC Vive, variations or mobile VR devices plus a bunch more. Checkout Virtually Reality’s full line up here.

Alexander Cohen, Founder and CEO of Virtually Reality explained to VRRelated:

“I founded the company last year with the goal of creating an awesome space for people to play with VR. our mission is simple: To educate and inform consumers about Virtual Reality technologies through interactive demos and we have been working towards getting the store up and running to achieve this. Along the way I have recruited 3 co-founders who are equally passionate about the idea and bring 35 years of industry experience to the table.”

Most of the products available to try at the VR Pop-up event are being retailed over on the Virtually Reality website, including one of the companies own, branded, Mobile VR devices.

Alexander Cohen went on to explain that:

“We are opening on the 4th of April and the store will serve as a proof of concept. The objective is to prove our commercial model and provide hard data for use in fund raising efforts. I am currently self-funding the pop-up store and eventually with the right backing we intended to open several locations over the next few years. Our ultimate aim is to be the go-to place for VR in the UK.”

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then head here to find out the full details. VRRelated will be heading down to the Virtually Reality Pop-up to test out some of the tech and catch up with the team. So check back for more news on this story.




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