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Mythos Of The World Axis

We thought we would put together a series of a few VR App’s that we think you should try. The list isn’t genre specific, and is just a few bits that we really enjoy. All of the apps in the list can be download from the Oculus Share site, and the links for the games can be found in the description section below. The first App we are covering in the series is Mythos Of The World Axis.

Mythos Of The World axis is a really cool virtual reality platform puzzle and exploration game. The aim is to carry a burning torch to the top of an underground labyrinth, to burn a flame in honor of your god. To do so you must traverse a dimly lit winding maze, overcoming hurdles along your way to get to the top. This table top style is something thats really enjoyable in VR, and always leads to a super comfortable experience. As soon as you enter the game you get an instant sense of scale, and you are often overwhelmed with a desire to lean in and get a closer look at the scenery. The protagonist seems like this tiny little character running around in front of you. Which makes you feel like some sort of giant. This game is full of amazing textures and has some really cool particle effects that look spectacular in VR.


You can use a controller to play the game, and it operate s on pretty a straightforward ‘platformer’ configuration. You can use the left stick to navigate and A to jump. There is also a cool feature that allows you to set a marker in the spot your standing on, you can then use this spot as a point to teleport back to if you miss a platform. Use Y to set your marker, and B to teleport back to it. But make sure you hit it before you fall to far, otherwise its back to the beginning you go.

One of the small downsides we noticed was that the head tracking locks up a bit when you get a bit a little bit out of range. But this is easily avoidable with the view reset control that you can activate by clicking the left stick. This will recenter your view to wherever your character is in the game, which is a really cool feature and feels really intuitive.

The teleport feature looks and feels really cool in VR. The use of the lighting and shadows is also another thing that makes Mythos Of The World Axis really stand out. The level of detail in the textures and graphics leads to an instant immersion in this environment, plus there is a really cool feature when you get to the end, but we wont give away any spoilers.

Mythos Of The World Axis was built in Unreal Engine 4 and is developed by Ats Kurvet. Although this is only a very short demo, it is definitely a good proof of concept for this genre in VR, and we couldn’t help but play it with a smile on our face. With a bit of luck we will see a lot more from this developer, as Mythos Of The World Axis is a VR App that we would highly recommend.

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