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VR Cover Launch Kickstarter For Two New, Oculus Rift, Facial Interfaces

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VR Cover, the company behind the hygienic interface solution for VR HMD’s, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the latest addition to their arsenal.

The new cover, designed to fit the consumer Oculus Rift, is a solution to a problem that users face when sharing the devices. Using VR, especially with room scale, can be quite an active experience, and can lead to the odd bit of perspiration. This can also be an issue for solo users that just want to keep their devices in good order.

The unofficial covers are made from soft PU leather and mount onto the edges of the device (Shown in the video below) and, can be removed to be cleaned, or wiped down after use. According to the campaign the company has been in talks with Oculus to develop a product that works well with the Facebook-owned, Oculus Rift CV1.


There are, currently, two versions of the headset cover on display in the Kickstarter campaign. One of the options is a “thinner foam replacement that positions your eyes closer to the headset lenses, giving a wider field of view”. The other is a foam mount that claims to improve the comfort rating of the HMD, while maintaining a similar feel and size, while also, creating additional space for users that wear glasses. Additionally, there are plans to develop other options by the time the end of the deadline.

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Another problem that the use of this product could solve is the distribution of weight across the pressure points of the straps. Some users are experiencing defined lines across the skin of their forehead, brought on by prolonged periods of use. With a bit of luck, this product will spread that weight out, making for a more comfortable VR experience.

VR Cover first appeared on the scene back in 2014 when they launched their first replacements for the Oculus DK1 facial interface. Since then, they have expanded their range to include accessories for DK2, HTC Vive, and Gear VR.


According to the company, also behind the prescription VR lens solution.

“Our mission is to improve VR hardware with our accessories, and we also launched VR Lens Lab a few weeks ago to help people use prescription lenses within their VR headset without the hassles of wearing their glasses.”

At the time of this article, the project has achieved €7,521 of its €12,000 goal, with 29 days still to go. VRRelated has requested these products for review, so check back with us for our full first impressions. In the meantime, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign here, and the companies website here.



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