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VR Funhouse: Nvidia Debut ‘Most Technically Advanced’ VR Game

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Nvidia, the company that’s well known for its high-end graphics cards, has released its first ever video game.

VR Funhouse presents seven, theme park style, mini-games in a virtual reality setting and makes good use of HTC Vive’s motion controllers. The advanced physics boasted in the experience make for some incredibly fun – and sometimes hilarious – interactions as you manipulate the objects in the game.

Additionally, according to Nvidia, the main objective behind the creation of the experience is to push the technical limits of VR and demonstrate some of the future possibilities of the platform.

Built in Unreal Engine 4, VR Funhouse delivers a vibrant and exciting space to play around in, all of which accompanied by some pretty stunning visuals and particle effects. Owners of HTC Vive headsets can jump into the fray and expect to play around with, bows, swords, gunge pistols, guns and an array of other digital toys.

VR Funhouse is cited as one of the most technically advanced VR games currently on offer, so as you can imagine, the minimum recommended requirements are not exactly modest.

According to Nvidia,

“VR Funhouse also demonstrates to developers the possibilities of VR, and when the game is open sourced later this summer, they’ll be able to peek under the hood, learn from our work, and apply the same techniques and technologies to their own games.”

The recommended minimum requirements can be found here. Interestingly the ‘additional notes’ state that “For maximum performance, it’s recommended to have 2 GPU’s with one in dedicated PhysX mode.” Meaning that VR Funhouse has the potential to be a pretty hardware intensive bit of software.

With that said, though, VR funhouse will automatically configure its graphic settings based on your system. VRRelated’s Pretty Neat VR, tested the app on his rig, running an Intel 950 i7# 12gb 1600 MHz DDR3 Ram and Gtx 970 and managed to achieve a seemingly smooth experience. There is also some cool haptics on display, as Pretty Neat VR demonstrated in one of his recent live streams, the video for which is viewable below.

Nvidia also plans to open up content creation to a wider audience, by allowing users to create their own, playable, minigames in the app.

You can download VR Funhouse for free here, and check out the full GeForce description here.

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