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Kittypocalypse is a tower defense game built exclusively for VR and is brought to us by Danish development team, Bolverk Games. It offers players a chance to cause carnage as they defend their home planet from evil alien beings, disguised as cute kitties.

Kittypocalypse is playfully stylized and offers a vibrant environment to cause chaos in. At the moment, there is only one demo map in the game, set in a desert biome. However, the developers at Bolverk games say that Kittypocalypse will boast over 20 island landscapes with the full version, including arid deserts, lush forest’s and snow-covered mountain peaks. With that said, the demo map does have a decent amount of replayability, so it will be good to see what direction the developers take the other maps in.

It’s becoming a bit of theme on this page, but the top down style works really well in VR. This is becuase it usually makes for a comfortable experience, so this is a game that we would recommend for first time users, as it doesn;t really require the use of your ‘VR legs’.

Navigation Controls: The controls are designed well for the VR medium. We tested the game using an Xbox controller and found that the blinking left and right to control your horizontal view, helps to make for a comfortable experience. You can also use the shoulder buttons to zoom in and out of the map, which helps to reduce vertigo. To select the units simply look at them and click A. This will bring up the UI that will allow you to build new towers and upgrade the ones you already have.

The upgrade system in the game is pretty consistent with most tower defense games. You start with your basic guns/towers and can work up through the upgrade tiers. That being said, the upgrades in the game have a nice feel to them and there are some nice animations when the towers shoot, which all add’s to the feel of the game.

All in all, this is definitely one we would play again. So we will be keeping a keen eye on this game as it develops. At the moment, there is no announcement of when we can be expecting the full release. But we will aim to keep you in the fold. If you wanted to download the demo of Kittypocalypse then head to the description section below, There will be a link there waiting for you. As always thanks for watching. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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