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VR Strategy Games And Non First Person Ideas

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Games We Would Like To See

As much as we love the idea of fully immersive, first person, virtual reality game experiences. We also quite fancy the likes of some of the other game types available. After having a little play on Motorbike, a simple, rustic, virtual reality motorbike game. One that follows a very similar concept to X-Moto, and the popular trails bike mobile game app series Trial Xtreme. We found that using the god like, birds eye viewing system, can add an extraordinary dynamic to the experience when playing in virtual reality.

bnw2The 2D and mobile versions of this game type are already addictive enough, and have got us through many long train journeys and delays on the city’s underground network. But it has to be said, that virtual reality can bring an extra element of immersion, to even the most rudimental of game types. As soon as you play a game like this through a VR headset, the perception of everything changes, suddenly, you are no longer controlling a 3D or 2D image on a screen, you are looking down on what appears to be a physical model stood there in front of you, and every jump you make, or stunt you pull, is met with a certain amount of epic-ness, that just can’t be achieved from our normal flat screen mono experience. This is mainly due to the change in the perception of scale, the fact that when you jump in to the air, you have to physically follow the bike with your head, tracking it as it leaps through the sky, means that you get a much greater sense of depth in the game. Its actually unreal how much you really get a sense for it.

There is a bit of hysteria around the 3rd person view format adopted by Oculus for their first title releases. The obvious go to, and the one that people are most likely expecting, is a first person, see it through their eyes, kind of experience. The problem is that, with such a small amount of total hours spent by gamers, playing virtual reality games, there isn’t much data to go by when it comes to fully optimising an experience to reduce the risk of nausea.

So this got us thinking, what other game types would we like to see, and which games could possibly benefit from incorporating virtual reality in the mix. Some of our first thoughts shifted towards other ‘God View’ game types that allow the player to look down upon, and navigate the virtual world from a birds eye view. Heres a list of some current PC and console games that we think may work well.

bnw4Sim City was a game that immediately came to mind, and pretty much any other city builder of this nature. Having the ability to whiz through the skies, zooming in and out as you lead your economy in to victory, would be nothing short of amazing. You would build so much more of an in depth relationship with the environment that you have created. Being able to stand at the base of your sky scrapers as they tower into the sky, or watching helplessly as natural disasters tear through your city’s districts. All of this, we feel would be greatly intensified by VR.


Command and Conquer, and similar real-time strategy games, may also translate well into virtual reality. Again, the ability to zoom right in to the battles, and witness the chaos first hand, or commanding your troops from above as they wage war with the opposing forces, could all add up to a super immersive experience.

Although the Black & White Series has a kind of first person aspect to it, we still featured it in this list of strategy games we’d like to see in VR. The last release was Black & White 2 in 2005, by LionHouse Studios. For anyone that isn’t familiar with these games, they were an original approach to a simulator game. Being brought to us by the same studio that delivered us the Fable Series, it was inevitable that the game would feature a moral aspect. In Black & White you take the roll of a Deity, and have the choice to be good or evil. You look over your subjects from above and carve a path that defines their future, and each action you make will have an effect on how the people view you. The interesting thing about this game, is that it uses gestures such as swiping, shaking, and you are also able to pick the subjects up, and hold them in your god like hand that comes from the sky. This could be a very interesting concept if brought over to VR. Especially with the announcement of the Oculus Touch and other input devices.


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