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VReal Will Enable You To Stream Your Entire VR Game World!

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VR experiences, in general, are about to get a whole load more social! VReal is providing a solution that will allow players to stream their gameplay and bring spectators into their entire game world.

The company, based in Seattle, have developed the first platform for VR game streaming. A platform that is making its debut to the public at this year’s annual SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) Conference, 2016, held in San Jose.

Using VReal, observers will be able to enter another players game in full VR and see what they see. They are also able to switch to a god-like view to get an overview of the whole game world.

Observers will also be able to have their own avatars that can demonstrate emotions in the game, such as anger, happiness and gratitude, using a selection of emoticons.

Streaming gameplay is already a massive part of gaming culture,’s 500 million monthly users is definitely a testament to this notion. One of the most notable aspects of live streaming gameplay footage is the social dynamic it adds to a gaming experience. Vreal is creating a platform that will serve to embellish this existing culture with an exciting new way for users to engage with content.

VReal was started last April, making this week the one year anniversary of the company.

They plan to launch a beta version of the plugin later in the summer and, in the meantime, will be working with streamers and getting them to try it out, with the aim of getting feedback on how they can improve the tech before launch.

Founder of VReal, Todd Hooper, told VRRelated

“we think this is the way to stream VR games, we’ve put up with the current way of streaming video from the headset, but this is the way it will be done in the future.”

Hooper continues,

“We want to put the technology out there for streamers and game developers. And see how they want to use it. What emotes do you want? What avatars do you want?”

In practise, VReal will come with an app that will allow users to find VReal enabled games and live streams that are running through the technology. And, will also have an SDK that will be available to developers in late summer.

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Todd Hooper – Founder of VReal, pictured at SVVR 2016

There will also be a plugin for Unreal and Unity that will allow the developer to add the feature to their games very quickly.

Entering a game as a spectator in the app feels reminiscent of other social VR apps, such as Convrge and AltspaceVR. Where VReal differs is that it works in conjunction with existing games, as opposed to creating a space of its own, like the previously mentioned examples.

According to Hooper, one of the biggest hurdles for VReal was

“re-rendering the game for everyone that is watching it in close to real time, so there’s a lot of technology to do that.”

“The avatars and the emotes, those things came together quickly. The real technology is, how do I render this so that I can see this game from my point of view.”

SDK’s are available for developers now, and will be available more broadly later in the summer.

Today marks the official release and announcement of the project, including the launch of the companies official website. Check the link below to find the full interview of Todd Hooper with VRRelated’s Alecz Girardeau.



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