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VRGO The Relaxed Approach To VR Input

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Hands Free Haptics & Gloveless Input

VR input is a subject that we cover a lot at VRRelated. We are always intrigued to learn about creative new input controllers and gadgets alike, and VRGO is definitely something that fits in to those categories. This interesting approach to a VR gaming seat also doubles up as an intuitive motion controller. The self righting gaming chair design can be tilted, twisted and spun in a 360 degree direction, and used to control whats happening in game. This seems like a cool concept, and could definitely serve well to add extra immersion to the gameplay of certain game types.

The VRGO gaming chair uses Bluetooth 4.0 for a low latency response and can be charged via a micro usb port, so make sure you keep your seat fully charged! Some of the full specs for VRGO Chair can be found over at, and there’s also this cool video that demo’s some of the chairs use cases, we have linked it for you below.

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VRGO Pokeball chair


This is a really cool approach to VR input, as it provides a relatively convenient solution to navigating virtual worlds and will be pretty easy to move around, as the full weight of the design is only 4 kilograms. It also has storing space inside to house your HMD’s and other accessories. Which gives it another tick in the convenience box. One of the things I do wonder though, is how comfortable the chair will remain over time. Whether or not it would be a “go to” for those long, hardcore, “all hours of the morning” gaming sessions, I guess still remains to be seen. But this is definitely something I hope to get a chance to put to the test.

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We recently caught up with some of the guys over at VRGO and they filled us in about a competition they are running in the lead up to their Kickstarter campaign. They told us that they will be giving away the one of a kind PokeBall version of the chair, pictured above. Which as a Pokemon fan myself, I have to say looks pretty damn cool. The competition entry is pretty straight forward, either, retweet the VRGO Chair post on Twitter, or, like and share the post on Facebook, and they will pick a winner by 19:00 GMT on Tuesday 3rd November. Additionally, if you wanted to support the VRGO team further, then check out their Kickstarter campaign, which will be launching 18:30GMT on Tuesday 3rd November.

The VRGO Chair In Action



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