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We are excited to announce! That today is the official launch of our new site! VRRelated 2.0. Our team have been working around the clock to rebuild the site from the ground up, with the aim of offering a smoother user experience to our fast growing world wide reader base. Our site covers a vast array of VR related subjects, with writers specialising in gaming, development, 360 Video, VR therapy and more.

Some improvements made in the update can be seen in our new and interactive homepage layout that presents news and articles from the VR world. We have also fixed the sign up system allowing users to create profiles of their own on the site, so now we will be able to hear from the community more! Exciting times!. Another edition is the introduction of the ‘Events’ section, where we will be releasing content from our ‘open source’ VR Cafe events, as they take place around the world. We have also added a bunch of other stuff including an online store with a range of VRRelated products, along with some curated third party products. So feel free to have a browse. Proceeds generated from sales will be put towards the running and maintaining of the site.

The kind guys over at Mettle have also been nice enough to give us a bunch of discount codes to give away to our readers.  The codes will get you 15% off of Mettle’s 360 video stitching and after effects products. however there is only a limited amount of them available! Click here to find out more.

We are really keen to hear about your virtual reality projects, so please get in touch if you’re working on something that you feel would be suited for VRRelated. As we would be more than happy to take a look and spread the word about your project as best we can.

We currently have a growing team of ‘in-house’ writers working remotely from various corners of the globe. Including, London, Canada, New Zealand and, soon, New York. Click here to find out more about our team.

If you are a writer that is interested in this subject and looking for a platform then feel free to contact us at







VRRelated is an online portal that brings focus to all aspects of the VR market and aims to publish and deliver all things Virtual Reality Related. From VRRelated you can expect to discover News articles, Video Presentations, opinion pieces and more.

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