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Why Sony Didn’t Announce PSVR Details at CES 2016

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Why Sony Didn’t announce a price point and release date for PSVR

With VR announcements coming hard and fast from CES 2016, in Las Vegas, some VR fans are left noticing the things that haven’t been said, over what has. An example of this is the lack of information about PSVR that came from the Sony press conference, presented by CEO Kazuo Hirai, on Tuesday.

Fans were expecting to hear announcements of a release date and price point for Sony’s own virtual reality HMD, PlaystationVR (PSVR). However no announcements came. This left a sense of disappointment that was echoed throughout the VR community.


In an interview with AVwatch, Kazuo Hirai explained that PSVR is of a specific topic and that its good to “indicate the future direction” of the company. However he felt that “PS VR is the innovation of the game center” and represents that area of Sony’s over all interests. Going on to say that “there is a more appropriate place” for this information to be released, “Such as E3, The Tokyo Game Show and GDC”.

Continuing on the subject he reasoned “Since you are deployed in various categories in the case of Sony, only CES is not a highlight of the product”.

Which means that we could be expecting to hear the official release date and price at events later in the year that have a heavier focus on gaming. More then likely GDC, however this is yet to be confirmed.

But it doesn’t stop there, Amazon Canada accidentally revealed the price of the PSVR on the products page. The headset was listed at $$1,125.35 Canadian dollars (£548.04 ). The listing price was then quickly removed and the PSVR headset is now listed as “currently unavailable”.Whether this is the actual pricing or just a mistake is yet to be confirmed. More about that here.


Source: AVwatch




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