Youth And Virtual Reality Together

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The Youth And Virtual Reality Together

Changing The Life Of Tomorrow, Today

The Youth, already fascinated by the foundation of which Virtual Reality has to offer, although not many children have experienced the likes of the Oculus Rift, but many have used Google Cardboard or an alternative cardboard device. alternative’s such as Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Cereal, which (only available for a limited time in New Zealand) allows the buyer to make the cardboard, as well as use the lenses which are inside the box. As many children and teens buy this cereal, it begins to open their minds to the world of Virtual Reality. You may be wondering, “Why is VRRelated doing a Virtual Reality post on children, you’re meant to be over 13 to use VR devices anyway.”

This may be true, however it’s the same thing as having games that are R18, which kids get their hands on anyway, it’s not avoidable. That and the fact that the youth will determine the future of the planet, and virtual reality as a whole.


The potential of the youth and VR is huge, on both a gaming and nongaming point of view. For example, although adults tend to make the bigger region of gaming. New research shows. According to NPD, 91 percent of U.S. children ages 2-17 play video games.  This has a huge effect on the gaming aspect of Virtual Reality.  On the social media aspect, 81 percent of teens use social media sites. And then there’s the educational sides of things, not just in schools. But for learning engineering, surgeons and many other career choices. Just remember though, if you’re going to become a surgeon. Please don’t use Surgeon Simulator 2013 with the Oculus Rift thinking you know how to do surgery on a real patient. That’s just overall, a very, very horrible idea.


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Jomas McCormick

Jomas is an Intern at VRRelated, In the VR scene he also taught kids aged predominantly between 9-15 how to create Virtual Reality content. Jomas also used to host Virtual Reality events to show his community the future that is just around the corner. Now, he's focusing on his goals on making a difference in the world by doing the small things that make a difference in peoples lives, an example being his 0 dollar budget 24hr VRCharity Stream in 2016 which raised over 7000 dollars for the Blind Foundation!

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